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Our Story

One of the most crippling and heartbreaking facts about cancer is that it takes over a person's whole identity. Life comes to a screeching halt by a diagnosis, and you suddenly have doctors and nurses telling you what medicine to take, what your treatment plan is going to be and how often you'll take it. Then the simple, everyday pleasures of life get picked away one by one. You can't go to work or school because you're too sick, you can't be around people in general because you will catch the slightest thing, you can't brush your hair without it coming out by the handful, food doesn't taste the same, sleep doesn't come easy. Your life revolves around managing your cancer and its devastating side effects, and everything about who you once were is pushed to the side. To everyone else, you're the girl with leukemia, the man with lung cancer, the guy with lymphoma or the woman with ovarian cancer. You lose your energy, any sense of normalcy and options. You live at the mercy of your disease.. Or so it seems. 

We at the Fair Hope Foundation believe that you are not your diagnosis. You are not your cancer. You are you- A beautiful, living and breathing being who has a name and a future. You have options beyond hospital walls. 

No one asks for cancer or can prepare for the financial and emotional burden it places on families, so the Fair Hope Foundation seeks to help those who have cancer, those who are celebrating remission, and caregivers to focus on their future by offering scholarships, moral support, and most importantly, Hope. We see that you are more than a patient. You are more than what your medical chart says you are. Just because you're down, it does not mean you're out. 

- Courtney S. Fair, Vice President